Since 2011, GYMRO has been dedicated to creating exclusive designs to empower women. We love that they feel pretty while they train or do their day-to-day activities. Thanks to the effort and dedication of our collaborators, we have been able to expand and have a line for men and also casual clothes to be at home or go out to relax.
Let's talk about quality in our sportswear. GYMRO uses high-tech fabrics, which offer comfort, elasticity, durability, softness and sweat absorption. All these benefits thanks to the intelligent synthetic fibers of the Suplex.
Our Mission is to present you with a different proposal, with exclusive designs, created by Rosi Herrera, founder of this beautiful brand: ' 'We want today's women to wear eccentric and daring sports garments.' 'Our Vision is to consolidate ourselves as one of the best national sportswear brands due to the quality and modernity that we handle.
GYMRO is synonymous with modernity and its own style before fashion.